Available-for-sale financial assets

IFRS Definition (main principle):

Available-for-sale financial assets are those non-derivative financial assets that are designated as available for sale or that are not classified as:
(a) loans and receivables,
(b) held-to-maturity investments, or
(c) financial assets at fair value through profit or loss.

IFRS Database explanation:

This is an old definition applicable or valid for annual reports with a reporting date until 1 January 2015 (ie last reporting date is 31 December 2014).

This is a classification was removed from IAS 39 when a large part of IAS 39 was replaced by IFRS 9 Financial Instruments. Now these asset may still be separated (voluntary application based on improved presentation of the financial position) but they can also be included in the classes of financial assets remaining in IFRS 9