IAS 26 17 Defined benefit plans presentation

The financial statements of a defined benefit plan shall contain either:

  1. a statement that shows: 

    (i) the net assets available for benefits; 

    (ii) the actuarial present value of promised retirement benefits, distinguishing between vested benefits and non-vested benefits; and  

    (iii) the resulting excess or deficit; or

  2. a statement of net assets available for benefits including either: 

    (i) a note disclosing the actuarial present value of promised retirement benefits, distinguishing between vestedbenefits and non-vested benefits; or

    (ii) a reference to this information in an accompanying actuarial report.

If an actuarial valuation has not been prepared at the date of the financial statements, the most recent valuation shall be used as a base and the date of the valuation disclosed.