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This is part of a decision model for the derecognition of financial assets. The derecognition can be a full derecognition, a full continued recognition, a full derecognition with recognition of new assets or liabilities retained or a continued involvement. The model is starting here. Derecognition of financial assets

No derecognition (on balance sheet)

If the entity has neither retained nor transferred substantially all of the risks and rewards of the asset, then the entity must assess whether it has relinquished control of the asset or not. If the entity does not control the asset Closure of a divisionthen derecognition is appropriate; however if the entity has retained control of the asset, then the entity continues to recognise the asset to the extent to which it has a continuing involvement in the asset. [IFRS 9 3.2.16]

A transaction is accounted for as a collateralised borrowing if the transfer does not satisfy the conditions for derecognition. The entity recognises a financial liability for the consideration received for the transferred asset. If the transferee has the right to sell or repledge the asset, it is presented separately in the balance sheet (for example, as a loaned asset, pledged security or repurchased receivable). In subsequent periods, the entity recognises income relating to the transferred assets and any expense incurred on the financial liability. Where a derivative forms part of the transaction and precludes the asset from being derecognised, the derivative is not accounted for separately, as this would result in the derivative being accounted for twice.

It may be difficult to determine the fair values of the parts of a larger asset that are derecognised and continue to be recognised. Where there are no available market prices, the best estimate of the fair value of the part that continues to be recognised is the difference between the fair value of the larger financial asset as a whole and the consideration received from the transferee for the part of the asset that is derecognised. Continue to recognise the asset

Continue to recognise the asset Continue to recognise the asset Continue to recognise the asset

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