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Financial assets at fair value through other comprehensive income are measured at fair value.

  1. Loans and receivables. Interest revenue, impairment gains and losses, and a portion of foreign exchange gains and losses, are recognized in profit and loss on the same basis as for Amortized Cost assets. Changes in fair value are recognized initially in Other Comprehensive Income (OCI). When the asset is derecognized or reclassified, changes in fair value previously recognized in OCI and accumulated in equity are reclassified to profit and loss on a basis that always results in an asset measured at FVOCI having the same effect on profit and loss as if it were measured at Amortized Cost.
  2. Investments in equity instruments. Dividends are recognized when the entity’s right to receive payment is established, it is probable the economic benefits will flow to the entity and the amount can be measured reliably. Dividends are recognized in profit and loss unless they clearly represent recovery of a part of the cost of the investment, in which case they are included in OCI. Changes in fair value are recognized in OCI and are never recycled to profit and loss, even if the asset is sold or impaired.

Loans and receivables are defined here as being loans, receivables, investments in debt instruments and other similar assets.

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