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Separate financial statements

Separate financial statements are those presented by an entity in which the entity could elect, subject to the requirements in this Standard, to account for its investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates either at cost, in accordance with IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, or using the equity method as described in IAS 28 Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures.





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Separate vehicle

A separately identifiable financial structure, including separate legal entities or entities recognised by statute, regardless of whether those entities have a legal personality.





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Service condition

A vesting condition that requires the counterparty to complete a specified period of service during which services are provided to the entity. If the counterparty, regardless of the reason, ceases to provide service during the vesting period, it has failed to satisfy the condition. A service condition does not require a performance target to be met.





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Service cost

Definitions relating to defined benefit cost

Service cost comprises:

  1. current service cost, which is the increase in the present value of the defined benefit obligation resulting from employee service in the current period;
  2. past service cost, which is the change in the present value of the defined benefit obligation for employee service in prior periods, resulting from a plan amendment (the introduction or withdrawal of, or changes to, a defined benefit plan) or a curtailment (a significant reduction by the entity in the number of employees covered by a plan); and
  3. any gain or loss on settlement.




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Settlement of the employee benefit obligations – Definitions relating to defined benefit cost

A settlement is a transaction that eliminates all further legal or constructive obligations for part or all of the benefits provided under a defined benefit plan, other than a payment of benefits to, or on behalf of, employees that is set out in the terms of the plan and included in the actuarial assumptions.





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