14-Operating activities

Cash flows from operating activities are primarily derived from the principal revenue-producing activities of the entity. Therefore, they generally result from the transactions and other events that enter into the determination of profit or loss. Examples of cash flows from operating activities are:

  1. cash receipts from the sale of goods and the rendering of services;
  2. cash receipts from royalties, fees, commissions and other revenue;
  3. cash payments to suppliers for goods and services;
  4. cash payments to and on behalf of employees;
  5. [deleted]
  6. cash payments or refunds of income taxes unless they can be specifically identified with financing and investing activities; and
  7. cash receipts and payments from contracts held for dealing or trading purposes.

Some transactions, such as the sale of an item of plant, may give rise to a gain or loss that is included in recognised profit or loss. The cash flows relating to such transactions are cash flows from investing activities. However, cash payments to manufacture or acquire assets held for rental to others and subsequently held for sale as described in paragraph 68A of IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment are cash flows from operating activities. The cash receipts from rents and subsequent sales of such assets are also cash flows from operating activities.