IFRS 10 Accounting requirements

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IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial StatementsIFRS 10 Accounting requirements

IFRS 10 Accounting requirements

19 A parent shall prepare consolidated financial statements using uniform accounting policies for like transactions and other events in similar circumstances.

20 Consolidation of an investee shall begin from the date the investor obtains control of the investee and cease when the investor loses control of the investee.

21 Paragraphs B86–B93 set out guidance for the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Non-controlling interests

22 A parent shall present non-controlling interests in the consolidated statement of financial position within equity, separately from the equity of the owners of the parent.

23 Changes in a parent’s ownership interest in a subsidiary that do not result in the parent losing control of the subsidiary are equity transactions (ie transactions with owners in their capacity as owners).

24 Paragraphs B94–B96 set out guidance for the accounting for non-controlling interests in consolidated financial statements.

Loss of control

25 If a parent loses control of a subsidiary, the parent:

  1. derecognises the assets and liabilities of the former subsidiary from the consolidated statement of financial position.
  2. recognises any investment retained in the former subsidiary and subsequently accounts for it and for any amounts owed by or to the former subsidiary in accordance with relevant IFRSs. That retained interest is remeasured, as described in paragraphs B98(b)(iii) and B99A. The remeasured value at the date that control is lost shall be regarded as the fair value on initial recognition of a financial asset in accordance with IFRS 9 or the cost on initial recognition of an investment in an associate or joint venture, if applicable.
  3. recognises the gain or loss associated with the loss of control attributable to the former controlling interest , as specified in paragraphs B98–B99A.

26 Paragraphs B97–B99A set out guidance for the accounting for the loss of control of a subsidiary.


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