IAS 36 How Impairment test

IAS 36 How Impairment test is all about this – When looking at the step-by-step IAS 36 impairment approach it comes down to the following broadly organised steps: IAS 36 How Impairment test

  • What?? – Determining the scope and structure of the impairment review, explained here,
  • If and when? – Determining if and when a quantitative impairment test is necessary, explained here,
  • IAS 36 How Impairment test or understanding the mechanics of the impairment test and how to recognise or reverse any impairment loss, if necessary. Which is explained in this section…

The objective of IAS 36 Impairment of assets is to outline the procedures that an entity applies to ensure that its assets’ carrying values are not … Read more

First IFRS financial statements

The first annual financial statements in which an entity adopts International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), by an explicit and unreserved statement of compliance with IFRSs. IFRS 1 sets out detailed rules that entities must follow when adopting IFRS for the first time. The standard also sets out a number of exemptions that may be applied when adopting IFRS. If an entity wishes to apply either of these exemptions a full audit trail must be produced to outline the assessment and sufficient evidence must be provided to evidence that the application of the exemption is appropriate.

Natural disasters Financial impact overview

Natural disasters Financial impact overview comprises a discussion of items to quantify in table in combination with qualifications to provide a clear as possible picture (without photoshopping the disaster off course). As communities begin the process of recovering from the tragedy of a natural disaster, entities operating in those locations, or providing goods and services in them, raise questions about the related financial reporting effects. This narrative provides a reminder of the existing accounting requirements that should be considered when addressing the financial effects of natural disasters, including:

  • Asset impairments– If an entity determines that the events resulting from a natural disaster have triggered impairment indicators, an impairment test must be performed in accordance with IAS 36 Impairment of
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Natural disasters Restructuring

When your business is just surviving, Natural disasters Restructuring does not help, but the accounting and financial reporting is somewhat explained here. As a result of a natural disaster, an entity may decide to sell or abandon certain assets or execute a restructuring plan. A restructuring is a programme that is planned and controlled by management, and materially changes either the scope of a business undertaken by an entity or the manner in which business is conducted. IAS 37 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets addresses the accounting for costs associated with exit or disposal activities. Exit activities may include: Natural disasters Restructuring Natural disasters Restructuring

  • Sale or termination of a line of business Natural disasters Restructuring
  • Closure of a business location in
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