Lease – Rail cars

The case:

A contract between Customer and a freight carrier (Supplier) provides Customer with the use of 10 rail cars of a particular type for five years. The contract specifies the rail cars; the cars are owned by Supplier. Customer determines when, where and which goods are to be transported using the cars. When the cars are not in use, they are kept at Customer’s premises. Customer can use the cars for another purpose (for example, storage) if it so

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Short-term lease – Truck rental

The Case:

Customer enters into a contract with Supplier for the use of a truck for one week to transport cargo from New York to San Francisco. Supplier does not have substitution rights. Only cargo specified in the contract is permitted to be transported on this truck for the period of the contract. The contract specifies a Truckmaximum distance that the truck can be driven. Customer is able to choose the details of the journey (speed, route, rest stops, etc.)

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IFRS 16 into the details – 1

Recognition of a lease

To start for the first time a reporting entity has to review all contracts to see whether a specific contract is a lease only or contains a lease component.

Looking at the definition of a lease the reporting entity has to assess whether, throughout the period of use, the lessee has met the following two rights:

  1. the right to obtain substantially all of the economic benefits from the use of the identified asset, and
  2. the right
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