Aggregate remaining segments into the category all other segments

Information about other business activities and operating segments that are not reportable shall be combined and disclosed in an “all other segments” category separately from other reconciling items in the reconciliations from operating segments to totals recognised in the main statements of the Financial Statements. The sources of revenue included in the “all other segments” category shall be disclosed.

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Limitations to financial reporting

Two clear limitations to the information provided by a general purpose financial report are materiality and cost.

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What is Useful Financial Information?

Or more formally: Qualitative Characteristics of Useful Financial Information

What types of information are useful to users for making decisions about the reporting entity using the general purpose financial report compiled by the reporting entity. And equally important what are the cost constraints on the reporting entity’s ability to provide useful financial information.

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The Objective of General Purpose Financial Reporting

The Objective of General Purpose Financial Reporting is the basis of the Conceptual Framework.

In addition the 2018 revised Conceptual Framework sets out:

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