What are the disclosure requirements for impairments?

The disclosure requirements are listed by class of assets, reportable segments, and other disclosures.

Disclosure by class of assets:

  • impairment losses recognised in profit or loss;
  • impairment losses reversed in profit or loss;
  • which line item(s) of the statement of comprehensive income; and
  • impairment losses on revalued assets recognised in other comprehensive income
  • impairment losses on revalued assets reversed in other comprehensive income.

Disclosure by reportable segment:
(for entities that present operating segment information)

  • impairment losses recognised; and
  • impairment losses reversed.

Other disclosures:

If an individual impairment loss (reversal) is material disclose:

  • events and circumstances resulting in the impairment loss;
  • amount of the impairment loss or reversal;
  • individual asset: nature and segment to which it relates;
  • cash generating unit: description, amount of impairment loss (reversal) by class of assets and segment;
  • if the recoverable amount is fair value less costs of disposal, the level of the fair value hierarchy (from IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement) within which the fair value measurement is categorised, the valuation techniques used to measure fair value less costs of disposal and the key assumptions used in the measurement of fair value measurements categorised within ‘Level 2’ and ‘Level 3’ of the fair value hierarchy; and
  • if recoverable amount has been determined on the basis of value in use, or on the basis of fair value less costs of disposal using a present value technique*, disclose the discount rate.

If impairment losses recognised (reversed) are material in aggregate to the financial statements as a whole, disclose:

  • main classes of assets affected main events and circumstances; and
  • detailed information about the estimates used to measure recoverable amounts of cash generating units containing goodwill or intangible assets with indefinite useful lives.

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